Fotogallery Bressanone

Short chronicle of the hotel


After the Railway to the South had been built in the year 1867, the necessity for a catering facility near the station was felt..
Mister Johann Jarolim acquired a site from the Imperial and Royal Administration of the Railways on condition that he should build a hotel. This happened in the year 1891. The hotel was called Hotel Bahnhof  ( Station Hotel).
The house was extended in 1905 and there was built another storey in 1912. Since that time the hotel has the present-day dimensions.
During World War I Brixen/ Bressanone was a major training area and the Austrian officer's mess was in the hotel. It was a hectic time for the hotel and it was going busy quite day and night.
On occasion of the visit of the Italian queen Helen to Brixen on 5th July 1935, the hotel got the name of the Italian Royal dynasty "Savoia".
During the World War II German officers were accommodated and at the end of the war the hotel was occupied by American troops

The name of the hotel was changed again after the war and it was called now Hotel Jarolim.
On occasion of the disturbances in South Tyrol in the year 1961 the hotel was occupied again. This time for 6 years by a special unit of the Italian police. Successively the hotel has been renovated several times so as to get it's today's class.

Nowadays the family business is led by the forth generation.